Whether you have lost your teeth due to injury, periodontitis, or just the natural aging process, The Relaxing Smile will help get you dentures that fit well, feel comfortable, and look great.  



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Already have Dentures?

The Relaxing Smile offers a wide array of services for patients who already have dentures.

Spare Dentures

"Everyone has a spare pair of glasses, but no one seems to have a spare set of dentures.  Dentures are misplaced, damaged, broken, or thrown away accidentally all of the time.  Without spare dentures, you are stuck without teeth while you are waiting on repairs or new dentures entirely."

        -Dr. C. Robert Montgomery DDS


Dentures are expensive!  Sometimes you cannot afford to buy new dentures if you lose yours.  Spare dentures cost significantly less, but we need a denture to duplicate.  Once you have lost your dentures, we cannot duplicate them!


Spare dentures can be used:

  • While you search for your original dentures
  • While you wait for your dentures to be repaired
  • While you wait for your new dentures to come in


Denture Relining

 Sometimes your dentures just don't fit right.  Sometimes they are uncomfortable.  Relining your dentures helps to make them fit you better, and feel better too.


The relaxing smile offers both soft lining and hard lining for dentures.  

Denture Repairs

The Relaxing Smile will repair your dentures in the most timely fashion possible.  We understand that you want your teeth back right away to eat, talk, and smile normally.  

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